3D TV Reviews

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Finding the best reviews for 3D televisions on the internet

3D television technology has been one of the hottest trends of the last years, it all started with the famous "Avatar" movie in cinemas worldwide, just a few months later this cinema experience became available for your living room at home . While the first generation required the use of so called active shutter glasses with batteries still used by many manufacturers like Samsung and Sony, especially in 2012 there are many new models using the new passive 3D technology. It still requires the use of 3D glasses, but in contrast to the heavier active glasses, passive 3D glasses are really lightweight and even much cheaper. Most of passive 3D televisions even come with a free set or several pairs of 3D glasses. There is no real difference in image quality, so having a look at this new generation of TVs is certainly a good idea. Especially the 2011 models from LG offer a decent value for money.